Talking about Di.Mar Group

nterviewsAlessandro Grillo- Snc

I am the manager of, a cutting establishment. We receive the projects of the bags we have to make, together with large sheets of leather, and then we have to cut the leather very carefully to crop out the right shape. I started working here in 1998, and over time all the people working with me and I have made very significant advances. What I like most is teaching other people how to produce high quality goods; it is my greatest satisfaction. Here in our establishment we have been able to kick-start a virtuous circle of older and more expert workers passing their skills to the younger: it is very rewarding both for the “teachers” and for the “apprentices”. This mechanism has contributed to create a friendly, peaceful workplace. If you step in our company, you can breathe serenity. The work we do may be difficult sometimes, and very often we are under pressure, but we always weather every difficulty acting together, like a family.

Roberto Giovannini- Pelletteria Giovannini

I entered Di.Mar Group 13 years ago, I was just 17. Now that I run my own business I have chosen to hire very young people, all my employees are young men and women whose average age is 25 years old. I think my business is very cool, we give a chance to young people, even to those youths to whom the society has not given a chance. We work as a bunch of friends; we make decisions together. I have learnt that if you give young people more responsibilities, more trust, more things to do, you will actually wind up having high-level results. I also believe that inside every young individual there is a great potential that needs to be kindled properly. You just have to spot it, and it will shine. I try to do so, since Di.Mar Group did the same with me when I was just a young boy. And I am very glad for it.