A new opportunity comes from the land of Etruscan and Roman, in Valentano, in the territorial area of Alta Tuscia. Here has begun the starting point of an innovative and common Italian and Indian multi-platform devoted to fashion, leather goods and accessories.

Thank to this strategic opportunity Fabio Martinelli, CEO & Co-founder Di.Mar Group and Angelo Cionco, GM & Co-founder Di. Mar Group, have showed the future basement of the project pilot oriented to the Indo-Italian Internationalization, which has been considered at the Indian Embassy in Rome on the 16th of June 2014.

That’s why the Political & Commercial First Secretary of the Indian Embassy in Rome, Madan Mohan Sethi, and his Commercial Advisor as well as Maurizio Miranda, the President of Indo – Italian Institute for Trade and Technology, and the Promoter & Coordinator Fabrizio Orlandini, came jointly with Marco Fornari, chartered accountant, to visit Di.Mar Group of companies in Valentano.

All the highest Institutional and private adhesions arrived at the City Hall because this event might involve and generate an important follow-up for the Valentano territory. Indeed, Italy and India well know how to identify, despite negative circumstances, new strategies in order to grow and develop business towards the new and rich Asian markets.

The art of relationships with East and Far East has to be improved and expanded, as said by Nicola E. Kabombo Mwela, KM Pursexcellence CEO and Antonio Maestrini KM Pursuexcellence Marketing Manager.