Meet Di.Mar group

Angelo Cionco and Fabio Martinelli decided to found Di.Mar in Valentano, a rural community in Central Italy, where leather goods manufacturing was all but unknown. Today their company is the direct supplier of some of the major international fashion brands, and it is about to launch its first collection. Valentano has changed, becoming one of the most prominent areas in the leather goods industry, which gives jobs to many young locals.

“It was possible because we have always relied on teamwork. We have always acted like a family,” the founders explain. They both live close to the industrial park, close to their company’s facilities. “All our employees were asked to weigh in every time the company had to face an important choice. Everybody has taken part in key decisions. All challenges have been tackled by all of us, together.”

Recently, Di.Mar gave some of its senior employees the opportunity to create their own businesses to produce quality leather goods. They have made up a network of first-class subcontractors, all sharing the same values and the same passion for creating something beautiful.

Di.Mar believes in quality, in excellence. It believes in the potential of creativity, technology and innovation to bring about Made in Italy beauty. And, in the same breath, it believes in tradition, in Italian craftsmen’s century-old know how. That is the reason why the company looks forward to establish a “Leather Corporate University” to teach Italian youth the skills to become tomorrow’s leather masters.

Also its forthcoming collection will rely heavily on young people. Two young stylists, Silvia Fiorenza and Tania Pezzuolo, are going to design the products with which the company is going to debut in India. These leather goods will couple classic artisanal skills with groundbreaking techniques and materials.
Once again: creativity and tradition, innovation and passion.
The receipt for today’s Made in Italy.