President & co-founder  DiMar Group

Angelo Cionco first meets leather good craftsmanship in Tuscany, where he works in a leather bags factory as a young man.

When he comes back home to Valentano, he decides to keep pursuing his passion, establishing a small leather manufacturing workshop in the city center in 1981.

The workshop starts working as a subcontractor for a Tuscan company making bags for a major Italian fashion brand.

Cionco’s business grows more and more, thus some years later he has to move into a bigger facility in Valentano’s industrial park, creating the “Pelletteria Divale”.

In 1993 Cionco decides to join efforts with his ex-employee Fabio Martinelli to found Di.Mar, which soon becomes a direct supplier for prominent luxury corporations.

According to Cionco, DiMar Group is today a leader in leather goods production because of investments in new technologies, love for precision, and creativity – the perfect formula for high-quality Made-in-Italy products.


Fabio Martinelli starts working in leather goods production when he is 15, in Angelo Cionco’s laboratory in downtown Valentano.

There he learns how to cut, tan and assemble luxury bags in the Italian tradition. When he turns 18, he has to leave for military service.

While he is away, Cionco’s business grows, moves in a bigger factory and changes its name in “Pelletteria Divale”.

Years later, Martinelli, who has told Cionco many times that he wants to run his own business, puts up his workshop in Cionco’s old warehouse in Valentano.

From there, he begins helping Divale as a subcontractor.

In 1993, Divale and Martinelli’s company merge into Di.Mar.

Fabio Martinelli knows very well how important it is to invest in young Italian craftsmen. That is why DiMar Group is working to create a “Leather University” to nurture the best talents of tomorrow’s Made in Italy.


Ceo & co-founder  DiMar Group