Over the last few decades, DiMar Group has become one of the major actors in the Made-in-Italy leather goods sector.

DiMar Group was founded in Valentano, Central Italy, more than 30 years ago by two local entrepreneurs, Angelo Cionco and Fabio Martinelli. It is a leader in the leather goods industry and a direct supplier to major fashion brands, which value DiMar Group’s high quality products and love for punctuality.

Thanks to its values and business strategy, DiMar Group grew by 25% every year over the last 5 years, today boasting 600 leather artisans.

DiMar Group has developed a network of partner workshops, each excellent in its specialty. Most of these were formed by former employees and they are all committed to preserving their savoir-faire in the newest generation.

This network allows DiMar Group to be present for each production step, from first cut to final finishings.

Between 2011 and 2012, the company went through a process of reorganization, by creating new facilities, each of which is specialized in the production of goods for a specific client brand and founding a new headquarter in Campli (Abruzzo), in addition to the one in Valentano.

This new factories can manage the whole manufacturing cycle, being endowed with highly-skilled teams to run the following stages of production:

Modeling and Technical Office
Quality Control
Testing and shipping of the final product

The remaining phases of production (cut, preparation, tanning, assembly) are carried out by sub-contractors.
Since it regards the technological aspect as essential, the company constantly invests in new machinery, while relying on and developing the crafting skills of its employees.


Today, DiMar Group is the most advanced and industrialized Italian leather goods company.

This structure serves to promote regional economies and to provide opportunities to vocationally train new generations of Made in Italy artisans.